Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A few years ago my My Wonderful Man and I bought a beach place by Chincoteague Island, VA. Nothing to extravagant, just place to go and clear our heads and RELAX. Well that was the plan and for the most part it is very relaxing, a place where I get back to Tracy, not the mom of sons 1, 2, and 3.

So I saw a friend had put down the cutest little patio, not stones that you buy but she made them.. Ah make them.. that sounded wonderful.. So last weekend My Wonderful Man and I took the three hour drive down to the beach place to relax and get some work done. It just so happened that we had a heat wave maxing out at 104 degrees..

After mixing the cement and almost passing out, this is what I ended up with.Yes the hole in the middle is not centered. I moved the stones around after I passed out from the heat. my next trip down I am going to paint the fire ring with black super heat resistant paint and then add the sand. I think its going to be pretty cute. More pictures to come.

While I was mixing cement My Wonderful Man was building me a swing set for your easy chairs. Doesnt that sound relaxing, Easy Chairs. I think they turned out pretty nice.

Whatta think?

Until next time...

Friday, July 9, 2010

seriosly, I'm saving how much????

Last year my Wonderful Man started his own business, Dirty Ducts and More. He cleans air ducts, dryer vents and adds insulation. "Yeah yeah yeah, we are in a recession, who has the money for that extra?" (Oh no, here we go.)

In an effort to train his workers, Son 1 and Son 2, he put insulation in our attic and an attic fan. Again I thought whatever. It was winter, freezing outside, what a waste of money... Like we can afford all of that, didn’t I just say we are in a recession?

Well, spring came and the days got hotter and hotter and hotter. Just recently it has been almost unbearable at 103 degrees. In Delaware People!!!

Normally my upstairs is 10 degrees hotter or colder then the down. NOPE not now.. Even in 103 Degrees…. Nope, it just isn’t. How can this be? Did my Wonderful Man have something?
Was he “right”.
(Ugh, that was as hard to type as it was for Fonzie to say he was wrrrooonnnng)

Yesterday I opened the mail from the electric company; it was time to reassess my year budget plan. I am now saving $144.00 big ones every month. That is $1728 a year. Holy Crap!!! Do you know what I can do with $1728?

So to my Wonderful Man, I love you!!

If you live in the Delaware area and would like to spend as much money as I am going to, take a look at what my Wonderful Man can do.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Seriously.. this is it......

When I created this blog many many moons ago, I figured, I do plenty of crafty things around the house, I'm always venturing into something new, I can do it... I CAN DO IT... well, as you can see that isn’t quite true. Yes I do have and had many projects going on in the house but most of the time I do things so quickly I forget to take pictures. Before, in between, how I did it... Nothing!

As my list grows and grows of things to do my children seem to get in the way, that is two teenagers, a 21 year old, my husband and four dogs... Who has time for fun projects?? I remember back to high school (yes I can remember back that far) when my BFF and I couldn't wait to get out of school. How wonderful it will be when we are on our own, no curfew, no parents asking a million and one questions, when we find our prince charming(s) who will take care of us for the rest of our lives. Why do we even read these fairy tales to our kids.. That is not life.

First of all, I have conditioned my boys that they work the woman takes care of the house. (Crazy right, well that’s how I thought life was and should be, their one day wife will love me right?) So of course I take care of almost everything in the house, and I am sooo lucky to work from home.. What a joke! Lucky to work from home yes, but what about my fairy tale of being taken care of? Working from home that equates to begin work at 7 AM, taking my lunch break to do laundry and figure out what’s for dinner. I spend my entire day in the basement with no windows, until 3:30 ish when I proceed to do more laundry and make dinner. After dinner I go back down to the dungeon and check work again, even though I begin before everyone and get off before them they are still working and most days the world of work comes to an end right before my day ends. So now I have time to do crafty things right? Wrong! Now I get to go outside and pull weeds (love it), play with the dogs and live a little bit of life.
I’m sure all of you working mom’s out there have the same issues but I see you in bloggerland.. Doing fabulous stuff. Organization skills, right? I know I watch those blogs all the time.
So I figure when I do my projects I will show all of you how they went but until then I’m going to blog about life. And how this life doesn’t quite match up to my fairy tale that life was supposed to be…. Can I go back? Just for a little bit? Hmmmm

Until next time....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brighter is better...

When I moved into my house 10 years ago my dining room was white. Since then its been half cream half green then i painted the green a taupe color still ivory on top, then I decided to paint the top red and keep the bottom taupe. I could not find one picture of this. I know how sad, right? I did find one with kids in it, so i cropped them out and this is what you get...

I know you really can't see the room but you get the point. Dark dark dark!!! The curtains were even dark..

So right before I decided it was time to start adding to the blog world I painted the dining room yet once again, adding picture frame boxes on the bottom half, and made curtains to replace those God awful dark ones I had.

I got the inspiration from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, I love that fact that she just took the project on. I've been wanting to do this but just never took the time. I painted the mirror black, it was my husbands mirror that I inherited when we got married. It was lets say less then desirable, plain wood that was chipped and dried out looking. But my wonderful husband hates painted wood. Is he crazy..

This side board I bought a few years ago when my girlfriend and I went out thrift shopping. I think we both bought a chair or two, but we went to this one shop that has old estate furniture in it. I had to have it. It was a little pricey at $100 but a brand new sideboard would cost a bunch more.. I sanded the top down and refinished it, then I painted and antiqued the bottom. I just love this piece. And hubby didn't complain too much since I left the top wood.

Since I took these pictures I did add a little accessories to the dining room. I found a shelf I looking for at our goodwill in town. $2.. can't beat that. I painted it black and hung it between the curtains. I'm not totally sold on the box but I needed something else to go on the shelf, it will do until I find the perfect nicknack's...

So what do you think? Brighter is better, right? I LOVE it...

Until next time... Tracy

Friday, April 9, 2010

Leave it to the dogs...

The week before I decided to finally start writing on my blog I did a bunch of work in my dining room.. Of course not thinking with my blog head, I didn't take one picture, not one single before picture so I could reflect back on what it was... So I promise to think things through on my next project, but until then here are my babies...

This is old girl Tasha. She loves to go on boat rides, well any rides actually. I've never seen a Rotti go gray like this but she has been this way for 5 years now.

This handsome young man is Sampson... He is a royal PIA.... Very loving but he plays VERY hard and other dogs don't really like that.

The princess above is Sade. As sweet as she looks, she does steal socks and eats poop when she can. Does anyone know how to fix that? I've tried it all.. with no luck... I listen to "its me or the dog", she knows everything right? wrong didn't work. Her first trick is to always learn "leave it". well they all LEAVE IT, when they want to. Its when I want them to "leave it" is when they don't. So then I tried Casar Millans ideas. Well he is a genius but unless he comes to my house... it doesn't work.

My baby Ace. I do realize he looks a little scraggly. Well, in Pomeranian terms he is going through the "uglies". Yes he looks a little ugly in a sweet kind of way but that is what its called. This picture was taken three weeks ago. He already has a good two inches of hair pretty thick all the way around.

So my goal is to post two items next week.. I'm hoping by posting that it will help motivate me to not look like someone who doesnt do what she plans to the entire world.... I do make lists... I do ALMOST everything on the list, I think that is pretty good. If I did the entire list every time my name would be Martha instead of Tracy. By the way I did print our her list of things to do for spring cleaning. If you interested... Spring Cleaning

I should let you know I have downloaded this list twice, but THIS will be the year i follow it.. If its the last thing I do ....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the beginning

I can’t believe I am finally posting an article. I created my blog sometime last year and it has just sat here. Not knowing what to write about, what would be my theme subject, do I really want to write my everyday life happenings for the entire world to see? But then again, who’s reading? My faithful girlfriend that has been a follower since day one, following absolutely nothing…..

Let me start off by saying I am a mother of three wonderful boys, 20, 19 and newly 17 years old. Unfortunately I work for a large bank I promise never to speak about. I’ve been married to the man of my dreams for nine years now. I have four dogs, YES that isn’t a typo I have four dogs. Tasha my Rottweiler who is almost ten, Sampson my English bulldog who is three, Sade my Pomeranian she just turned one, and last but certainly not least Ace, my 5 month old Pomeranian.

When son #1 graduated high school I was a mess to say the least, complete empty nester with still two boys at home. Has that happened to anyone? So I bought a dog, Lulu my beloved bulldog, then I found Sampson who was in a terrible family and he needed recued. But after a year Lu’s kidneys failed and she passed away. So now son #2 was getting ready to graduate, what better way to get over the loss then to buy a puppy. But wait, I have a great idea, when son #3 goes off to college what will I do? I know I’ll have puppies. (Am I totally insane????) So now we have Ace. The sad thing is son #1 and son #2 come home almost every weekend. What??? Every weekend. Yes my house is invaded with kids. I do love it but I think to myself, “Fool what were you so worried about?”

That’s my life in a nutshell. Hopefully sometime very soon I will figure out what to write about. My goal is to post sometime Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know as I am an avid blog reader and I get so disappointed when I go to a blog and it’s the same thing as yesterday, I just don’t think my life is that exciting. Three days a week might be stretching it. Thank you for stopping by, hope you come again.